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Pokedex Kanto

Welcome to the wiki! This wiki will show you information on a lot of Pokemon. Click the search bar to get started. Anyone may contribute to this wiki, as long it is along the guidelines. Here are the guidelines below:

Pokemon Articles must have:

The official image of the Pokemon

The correct infobox-Ex. Bulbasaur

Pokemon information from official Pokemon sites

This info is required: HT, WT, Japanese translate, Category, and Infobox info

Whenever making a page, use the infobox with the same info as the other pages. Ex. Bulbasaur

This wiki is only for Pokemon, not characters, nor regions, nor games.

Please make sure the info is accurate

If you are going to add something new to a Pokemon's page, you must do it to every single one

Thank you for reading the guidelines. Now have fun!

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